Application procedure



The course has a limited number of students (70 plus 15 reserved to non-EU students plus 5 reserved to Marco Polo Project). 


The selection is based on the score obtained in one of the following tests: SAT; GMAT; TOLC-E


All the above mentioned test have similar structures and include sections on mathematics, logic, reading and comprehension.


The test must be done before completing the application and the score obtained must be included to the application.




  • Applications can be submitted by students holding a secondary school qualification or that are going to achieve one before the closing date for enrollment (5 September 2019).
  • Admitted non-graduate applicant can enroll only after the secondary school qualification.
  • If the foreign student will graduate after the deadline for the submission of the visa application for study purposes, she/he can receive a statement in which admission committee of MBE declares that at this time she/he is eligible for the admission, which will be bound to obtaining a secondary school qualification




Online application 
Bando di concorso 2019/2020 (Italiano)
Call for applications 2019/2020 (English)


Online applications on the dedicated online portal only will be considered.

Candidates are also required to register their personal data on the web portal

At the end of procedure, the system will assign an username and a password. For further information or help please contact





Structure and syllabus of the Test:

The topics covered in the TOLC-E (English) are available on the following link

The topics covered in the TOLC-E (Italian) are available on the following link

Prospective students having a score below the threshold specified in the call and classified among the first 70, can apply to the Bachelor with additional educational obligations to be fulfilled within the first year of the course.


The Welcome International Students! (WIS!) Enrolment office is at via Buonarroti n. 4, building ‘E’, room PS1 -Pisa

For enrolment enquiries please contact or arrange an appointment  to the International Office at Lungarno Pacinotti, 44 Pisa
(Thursday afternoons only).

For didactic enquiries please contact

-If you are in Italy you can call our toll free number 800 018600 available every day of the week (8am-9pm)