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3 ECTS are reserved for the final examination, so that it may only be taken if the student has obtained at least 177 ECTS: the student must pass all the examinations at least 15 days before the beginning of the degree call for application. The final examination is designed to verify, on the basis of a short paper written in English, the student’s degree of autonomy in processing the knowledge acquired during the course of study.

The types of dissertation in the final examination may be as follows:

  • topical issue;
  • topic addressed during the university career;
  • experience gained during a traineeship at research institutes/bodies, companies/administrations/public or private organisations.

The dissertation must be uploaded by the undergraduate student on the portal according to the timetable indicated in Table 2 below. If the final paper is not uploaded, it will not be possible to assess the paper and, consequently, the student will be postponed to the next graduation session.

For the purposes of writing the final examination paper, the drafting rules are as follows:

  • maximum length (compulsory): 75,000 characters (including spaces and footnotes) equal to approximately 40 pages;
  • font: 12 (recommended)
  • line spacing: double (recommended)
  • double-sided printing (recommended)

In order to be eligible for the final examination for the title, the student must:

  • contact privately (by email or by reception) the professor of reference among those who teach an active course in the degree to request and agree on the subject of the final examination;
  • register on the portal at least two months before the graduation session (registration is carried out by accessing the portal with the credentials of the Alice portal, selecting Gestione domande di laureaReferente/relatore and then entering the required information);
  • select the reference lecturer from those available (each lecturer may supervise up to a maximum of 15 thesis in each academic year). Failure to register and select the reference lecturer in the two months preceding the graduation session prevents enrolment in the first useful session. Please wait for your request to be accepted by the reference teacher.

The thesis is not discussed. The reference professor will guide the student through the drafting of the paper, providing indications on the work methodology to be followed, guiding him/her through the bibliographical research and supporting him/her in case of difficulties, assessing the process of writing the paper and, together with another teacher, the paper produced by the student, choosing a judgement/score as indicated in the table:

Grade Final ExaminationScore (F)
Table 1

At the end of the evaluation process, the teacher of reference shall enter on the portal the judgement assigned to the paper and the name of the second member of the evaluation committee, choosing him/her from a drop-down menu.

The judgement uploaded on the degree portal will be sent to the President of the Course of Study and acknowledged by the Degree Committee, which will then proceed to sign the minutes and proclaim the graduates. In compliance with current legislation, graduation grades will be published in the appropriate section of the Department of Economics and Management website from the day after the proclamation. Certificates relating to the student’s career may be requested from the Student Secretariat.

N.B. As per University regulations, Proclamations will take place remotely, diploma awarding ceremonies are suspended until the end of the health emergency and the diplomas will be sent out.

The fundamental value for the calculation of the Graduation Average is the final average of the educational activities, expressed in thirtieths and named M30, calculated by weighing the marks obtained in the individual educational activities by the corresponding teaching load expressed in ECTS. The calculation of the average does not include activities that do not involve an examination with a grade but a simple suitability or judgement (e.g. “Computer skills” and the “Final Examination”). The M30 student’s final average will be reported in hundredths multiplied by 11/3.

In other words, the hundredths average will be given by M110 = M30 * 11/3.

The following will then be added to the final M110 average:

  • a F score corresponding to the mark obtained in the final test, as indicated in Table 1;
  • a Q score to enhance the quality of the student’s study curriculum. The Q score is calculated as 6% of the final average, i.e. Q= M110 *6%;
  • a B score to assess the speed with which the student has completed his/her studies. The “speed bonus” is only awarded to students who continuously complete 180 CFUs in three academic years since their last enrolment. In particular, a B=2 point will be awarded if the student graduates in the same year, B=1 point if he/she graduates in the first year fuori corso, B=0 point if he/she graduates in the second year fuori corso or in subsequent years. The B score is null and void in the case of course shortening.
    The overall sum expressing the Graduation Average will therefore be given by:
    ML = M110 +F +Q+B .
    The Graduation mark is given by rounding the Graduation Average to the nearest whole number (rounding down if the decimal part is less than 0.5, rounding up if the decimal part is greater than or equal to 0.5). If this rounding gives a value greater than or equal to 111 and, in addition, an “excellent” or “good” grade has been obtained in the final examination, then the Degree mark shall be 110 cum laude.

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At the same time, it is essential to register for the graduation call through the reserved area of the Alice portal, under the heading “Conseguimento titolo”. Before proceeding with registration on this portal, it is advisable to print out a certificate with the examinations and check them against the university transcript. Once the procedure has been carried out, the system will issue a receipt, which must be kept as it is the only document proving correct registration for the call (in the event of a dispute, only the student able to produce this document will be admitted).
In the online procedure, the title of the thesis and the name and surname of the supervisor must be indicated. The title may be changed up to 15 days before the beginning of the degree call. If it is not possible to modify the title of the thesis, an email must be sent to Grazia Benvenuti ( for the modification, but always within 15 days before the beginning of the graduation call.

NB: the registration made is valid for one call only. If you drop out, the procedure must be repeated for the next appeal.

The application must be submitted at least 30 days before the beginning of the deegree call.


If the student submit the application late, i.e. if he/she does not respect the deadline, he/she will have to fill in a paper form and pay a fine of € 200.00 (the paper form and payment instructions will be sent by In any case, the late application must be submitted at least 15 days before the beginning of the degree call.


After submitting the application, it is mandatory to complete the undergraduate evaluation questionnaire. At the end of the procedure you must save the receipt of completion in pdf format, which must then be uploaded to your personal page on the Alice → portal under “Conseguimento titolo“.


At least 15 days before the beginning of the degree call, the student must:

  • Have passed all the exams (having obtained at least 177 ECTS);
  • Be in  in pair with the University tuition fees due;
  • not be in debt to the University libraries;
  • upload a copy of your university paper booklet (with the exception of the blank pages) and the receipt of completion of the undergraduate evaluation questionnaire on your personal page of the Alice → Undergraduate studies portal.

NB: by the deadline, it is not necessary to have all the exams in your study plan recorded in your paper booklet. It is sufficient that they are recorded in the online booklet on the Alice portal. For exams taken at a distance, it is not necessary to enter the grade and date on the paper booklet. In addition, if you do not have your paper booklet due to a health emergency, you must upload a self-certification of your exams, which can be downloaded from the Alice portal, in the Certificates section.

Failure to upload by the deadline

  • of the receipt of submission of the undergraduate evaluation questionnaire
  • the copy of the transcript

constitutes renunciation of the graduation call. The deadline cannot be postponed, not even by payment of late fees.

If, after submitting your degree application, you wish to postpone the exam to a subsequent call, you must access the reserved area of the Alice portal, under the heading “conseguimento titolo” → “annulla domanda”. The application may be cancelled up to 15 days before the beginning of the call. After this date, the cancellation must be communicated to the student secretariat by e-mail to Grazia Benvenuti ( The application procedure, including the upload of the relevant documents, must be repeated for the next call.


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