Bachelor of Science in Management for Business and Economics

The Bachelor of Science in MBE is an undergraduate program at the University of Pisa with the primary mission to help young people to succeed in the business and economics world.  Our bachelor of science is thought to be a one-way journey in the world of the international management for business and economics. After attending our bachelor, the graduate gains the pillars of a future career: a thorough understanding of organizations and of how their business functions work. Students get in touch with the most updated research in marketing, finance, HR and responsible international management. 

The aim of the MBE degree program is to provide professional knowledge of business management with an international overarching perspective.

The students will obtain key knowledge and competences related to the business and management in a global environment, acquiring leadership skills and team building capabilities through the analysis of business cases and team works. 

Fairness and equal opportunities are crucial values for the University of Pisa. As public non-profit university, our University has a policy of offering equal opportunities to prospective students. This policy is implemented through accessible tuition fees, allowing the possibility to any talented young people to access high quality education. 

Please download the MBE presentation!