Simone Marsiglio – VICE DIRECTOR
(European Macroeconomics)
Marco Allegrini
(Financial Reporting and Analysis)
D’Alessandro Simone
(Principles Of Economics – Industrial and Managerial Economics
D’Onza Giuseppe
(Auditing and management control)
Paola Ferretti
(Banking and financial markets)
Caterina Giusti
Giulio Greco
(Financial Accounting and Reporting)
Luzzati Tommaso
(Sustainable development)
Monica Pratesi
Andreas Frank Schittenhelm
(Corporate Finance)
Luca Spataro
(Public Policy)

Other lecturers…


Each student is assigned a teacher – tutor whose task is to follow him/her throughout his/her career until he/she obtains his/her degree.

Please cosult the list of Univesity numbers (matricola) and their tutor at the following links:

The contact details of each teacher – tutor and the timetable for lectures can be consulted by clicking directly on the name of the teacher – tutor shown upside or by searching by surname at http://unimap.unipi.it/cercapersone/