ECTS Recognition Procedures

If you are enrolled at the University of Pisa and you want to recognize your curricular and extra-curricular activities in your MBE curriculum, you need to send an email to Grazia Benvenuti ( from your institutional email address with attached your ID (Identity Document) and:

  1. The request of ECTS recognition (Module in Italian Language).

If you want to ask for the recognition of one or more academic titles, to shorten your career by receiving validation of the ECTS, you have to attach your ID (Identity Document) and submit, or send:

  1. The request of recognition of academic qualification (Module in Italian Language).
  2. A self-certification of your Degree with a list of the exams you have already taken and, if possible, of their Disciplinary Scientific Area (Module in Italian Language).

The request is evaluated by the Council of the degree course, who decides.

In case of unconditional approval by the Council, the Student Secretariat will proceed, without further communications, to the registration of the aforementioned activities, which will be displayed on your personal page of the Alice Portal.

Otherwise, the student will be asked to follow one of the procedures explained in the application, the student will have to explicitly accept the Council choice with regards to the academic titles/activities and can ask for the modification within 30 days.


Before starting the procedures of ECTS recognition, verify that you are up to tax payment and that you are enrolled in the academic year 2020/2021.

Further information at the page (in italian) ->