CLI (Centro Linguistico Interuniversitario)

Courses of Italian language and culture for international students

The University of Pisa offers courses of Italian language and culture to its international students

In July 2015 the University Language Centre (CLi) became home to the CILS exam. Therefore, in addition to the standard courses of Italian language set up for foreigners, the CLi will also provide CILS exam preparation exercises starting from the academic year 2015/2016.

The CILS certificate is an officially recognised academic qualification. The certificate attests to the linguistic and communicative competence level in Italian, as a foreign language (L2).

The CILS exams are held at the CLi in June and December according to an annual calendar.

For information on course enrolment and how exams are conducted, please visit the CLI website or contact the administrative office (tel. +39 050 2215915).