Tuition fees and Scholarship


University fees for the a.y. 2020/21 depends on the student’s country of origin and can vary from 356.00 euros up to 2,556.00 euros (including € 140,00 for Regional taxes, and € 16.00 for stamp duty). The total amount of € 2,556.00 is divided into 4 instalments; the first is € 356.00 and all students must pay it no later than the 30September 2020 except for those who submit a DSU scholarship application and those who have a disability defined according to the art. 3, comma 1, of the law dated 5 February 1992, n. 104) or for those who have a disability greater or equal to 66% and are held responsible for the payment of the stamp duty only.

If the enrollment procedure to the Bachelor’s degree is not completed by 30 September 2020, an extra charge for late payment will be required. (No extra charge for late payment is due if attending the admission test or enrolling in a Master’s Degree). 

First installment payment of tuition fees for students applying for Visa is required by 31st December 2021.

The call for applications for scholarships is available online until 3rd September (, however, in order to enrol the student must complete the ‘course selection’ section on the Alice portal.
The submission of a scholarship application temporarily delays the payment of the first instalment until the 31st December 2021: after which any students who are awarded a scholarship will not be required to pay any tuition fees.

At the point of enrolment at the University, the student is required to pay the first instalment of the tuition fees (356 Euros) or provide the receipt of the DSU scholarship application.



The possibility to apply for reduced fees for anyone who has an income in Italy, is available from 31 August 2020 to all students who are enrolled without irregularities for the a.y. 2020/2021 before 31 December 2020. The application can be made through the Alice portal by selecting the heading “Richiesta riduzione tasse” and inserting the relevant information relating to the ISEE of the family to which the student belongs to, this is also valid for the benefits provided by the Diritto allo Studio Universitario.


Non-EU students (Annex 2 of Tuition Fees Regulation a.y. 2020/21) are required to pay only the first instalment of €356.00, except when having a merit reduction. Non-EU students (Annex 3 of Tuition Fees Regulation a.y. 2020/21) can benefit from a standard reduction according to the art. 1.2.4 of that Regulation in relation to their home country. In both cases, the reduction will be applied automatically as it is for the merit reduction.


For EU students residing in EU countries Italy included, economically not self-sufficient (art. 8 DPCM 159/2013) and with the family of origin not residing in Italy, the CAF will not be able to release the family ISEE statement without the possibility of collecting the family information online, from the INPS and the Revenue Agency data banks. For this reason, the University of Pisa has agreed to release an equalised family ISEE statement with some CAF offices so that these students can ask for a tuition fee reduction.

For more information please visit this page

The rules regarding student contributions for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021 is available on the relevant webpage.

The rules regarding student contributions for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021 is available on the relevant webpage.


The University of Pisa allocates every year 18 merit scholarships to international students admitted to one of the twelve Master Degrees taught in English language or in the Bachelor’s Degree in Management for Business and Economics in order to promote the academic offer in English of the University to international students.

The merit study grant consists of:

  • First year of course: 6 thousand euros net and exemption from University fees
  • Second and third year of Bachelor’s Degree: 8 thousand euros net and a reduction of 50% of the University fees if the student has obtained at least 36 CFU credits (first year) and 96 CFU credits (second year) with an average grade of at least 25/30.

Who can apply

International students, enrolled in the academic year 2021/2022 to one of the twelve Master’s Degrees taught in English language, or to the Bachelor’s Degree in Management for Business and Economics.

Application submission

Students do not have to apply to the study grant. All students admitted by the 15th of March 2021 are eligible and will be considered automatically.


Scholarships will be awarded on the base of a unique ranking, made by a committee which will evaluate the following factors:

  • Evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Result of the interview
  • CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)
  • Country of origin of the applicant, giving priority to the less economically advantaged countries.


In order to take part in the allocation of the study grants, candidates must apply to the course of study of interest by the deadline suggested by the course of study of interest itself, but in any case not later than the 15th of March 2021 for the a.y. 2021/2022.

Results and final ranking

The allocation of the scholarships will happen before the enrollment, so that non-EU students applying for a VISA who will eventually result as winners will be able to show proof of the scholarship during the pre-enrollment phase to demonstrate to have sufficient economical means to afford studying in Italy at the competent Italian diplomatic Representation. 


Merit-based grant holders can also benefit from the DSU grants only in the first academic year, provided that the benefit amount does not exceed € 6,000 – but they cannot receive scholarships provided by the Italian Government (MAECI).


Students can apply for the scholarship provided by the Agenzia Regionale Diritto allo Studio Universitario – DSU is the agency for the University Study Right of the Tuscany Regional Council (Regione Toscana).

A DSU grant includes

  • free accommodation
  • free meals at the University dining halls
  • monthly payment to cover extra expenses (sporting activities, books, etc.)
  • exemption from University tuition fees.

Who can apply

Students planning to enroll or already enrolled in a Degree program at the University of Pisa, if they do not already have a qualification of the same level of education.

Application and required documents

Online application only, on the website, by the call’s deadline (usually published every year in July). The application can be submitted even if the student is not enrolled yet. The grant is valid for only one academic year. Therefore, students have to repeat the application each academic year.

Foreign students (with income abroad) who wish to access the services offered by the DSU (Scholarship, Services Scholarship, Grant for Disabled Students, Extraordinary Contribution, Subsidised Canteen Prices, etc.) are requested to apply online, print the receipt available in their personal area and send it following the instructions provided by the admission call, attaching a document certifying the family economic status together with a copy of a valid identity document.

– EU students
Students from EU countries have to fill in a specific declaration, which can be downloaded at the end of the online application procedure.

– Non-EU students from developing countries
Students coming from Non-EU developing countries have to certify that they do not belong to a high income and high-status family. This certificate must be released by one of the following institutions:

  • Italian diplomatic representatives in the home country;
  • Diplomatic representative body (Embassy or Consulate) of the country of origin in Italy.

Please remember that the certificate has to be legalised by the Italian Prefettura.

– Other Non-EU students
Students are required to submit all documents, translated into Italian language and legalized by the competent Italian diplomatic representatives of the home country, or according to the international provisions on legalization related to:

  • family status;
  • income;
  • real estate;
  • movable assets.

Further information is available here.

 Application submission

The annual call for applications for DSU scholarships is published in the month of July on the DSU Toscana website. For a.y. 2021/2022 the deadline for the DSU Scholarship application is 3rd September 2021. 

For the first year of application, the ranking only considers the annual family income. For subsequent years, the list also takes into account academic merit.

Result and final ranking

The DSU draws up a single ranking list including both foreign and Italian students. Provisional ranking lists are usually confirmed every year by the end of September. Final rankings are usually approved every year by the end of November. The results of grants allocation will be published at and will be available on the students’ personal area. No personal written communication shall be provided to applicants concerning results.


DSU grant holders can also benefit from other merit-based grants allocated by the University of Pisa only in the first academic year, provided that the benefit amount does not exceed € 6,000.


Every year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offers scholarships to international students and Italian students who live abroad, for more information, please visit the following link (available only in Italian).

A “Study in Italy” grant includes

€ 900 per month allowance, paid on a quarterly basis to the Italian bank account of the recipients. The first instalment of the grant can be received only after the completion of the University enrolment and the submission of all the documents requested, according to the necessary administrative procedures. The MAECI will begin the disbursement procedures at the end of each quarter. Individual payments will therefore commence after that period. The last instalment of the grant will be paid only upon the verification of satisfactory academic progress.

Grants are awarded for a period of study of 6 (six) or 9 (nine) months (from January to October).

Recipients are exempted from the payment of university tuition fees (except for the regional tax of 140 euros and a duty stamp of 16 euros).

Who can apply

Foreign students not residing in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad (IRE) can apply.

Students willing to apply must:

  • come from the eligible foreign countries. The list is published every year at this link
  • hold an appropriate academic qualification required to enroll to the Italian University/Institute (more information on:
  • not be over 28 years of age by the deadline of the call
  • provide a certificate of their Italian language level (the minimum level required is B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), in order to enroll in an Italian-taught course. Candidates who were enrolled to an Italian language course at the University may submit a language certification issued by a language teacher of the University department
  • provide a certificate of their English Language level, with a minimum required level equal to B2 within the CEFR. Proof of proficiency in Italian is not required for courses entirely taught in English. Self-certification may be valid for candidates from countries where English is an official language and who are applying for courses held entirely in English.

Application submission

Applicants must complete and submit the online application form available upon registration at the following link


Applications will be evaluated by a Committee set up by the Italian Diplomatic Mission in the applicant’s country of origin. Grants will be awarded on the base of a comparative assessment of applications according to the entry requirements and other criteria related to applicant’s CV. The relevant Diplomatic Mission will publish the list of grantees as well as a list of the best excluded, if any.


The grant is incompatible with any other grant offered by the Italian Government or any other Italian public institution, including DSU grants.