Study Programme

  1. Select your academic year of enrollment (below);
  2. Follow the Study Programme of your own academic year of enorllment
    (please note that the study plan could change for every academic year).


  • You can take two Language Exams: one will be considered as Language; the other one will be automatically considered as Free choice activity;
  • You can take an exam among those ones of italian degrees of Economics and Management Department (Economia Aziendale, Economia e Commercio, Banca Finanza e Mercati Finanziari) only if they don’t repeat the syllabi of other exams on MBE Degree. Please contact Prof. Silvia Ferramosca ( in order to check their validity for your degree programme.
  • If you select one of the exams in the box “Courses and activities selected by the student”, you don’t have to ask for prior authorization to the prof. Ferramosca (it will automatically be considered in the free choice activity);
  • If you want to take another exams (that is not included in that list), you have to ask for prior authorization to the prof. Ferramosca (before taking the exam). This authorization is informal, so you have to ask the ECTS recognition in any cases (after taking the exam);
  • If you want to ask for the recognition of university or extra-university activities already carried out, follow the procedure at the page ECTS Recognition Procedure;
  • If a course – that is NO more activated today – was provided in the Study Plan of the academic year in which you enrolled, you can take the exam in the following three academic years (even if the lessons are no longer provided) –> in this case, you have to contact the lecturer in charge of the course putting in cc and asking the possibility to take the exam.