Study abroad


As most universities in Italy do, we join the Erasmus+ programme, both for study and traineeship purposes. This will give you the opportunity to study or to traineeship abroad for 3 to 10 months during the Bachelor.

The International Relationships Office (IRO) of the Department of Economics and Management, cooperating with the MBE person in charge of the international area, aims to help you find the best options and solutions.

The IRO Office collaborates at the International level in order to:

  • promote and organize foreign exchanges for students and university professors,
  • organize the “Welcome Week” for international students through city tours, trips and other recreational activities,
  • assist foreign students for the entire period of mobility at the Department of Economics and Management, assisting them with the various registrations and administrative procedures,
  • offer the Buddies service for international students with the pick up service when required,
  • assist Professors during the numerous requests and registrations for the Erasmus + activities.

Moreover, we are able to offer you experiences in other Universities, whom don’t belong to the Erasmus programme, such in the list below and they will uploaded according to the specific call for application.


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