Welcome meeting (POSTPONED) and Online Lessons – First semester a.y. 2020/21

Lectures and COVID-19

As specified by University of Pisa regulations, the Department of Economics and Management for the bachelor degrees will  be organizing its lectures online for the First Semester 2020/2021 and will use virtual classrooms in Microsoft Teams as per the Department timetable online (https://www.ec.unipi.it/didattica/orario-lezioni/). Information on how to attend the lectures will be released at the beginning of September 2020.

Lectures of the Bachelor of Science in Management for Business and Economics (MBE) will begin on Tuesday the 22nd September 2020.

Due to

Due to regional elections and to referendum, the welcome meeting for the Bachelor MBE first year students has been postponed to Wednesday 23rd September from 08.45 to 10.15.

We will give all the information in the next few days on our website and by email.

This is an opportunity for students to acquire information about the lectures and exams and more in general about the Department’s services.

The novelty of this year is that every virtual classroom will be divided into subgroups of 20/30 students, who will benefit from a tutoring service carried out by senior students from the same degree course. The tutor will provide students with information about the university lifestyle, the Administrative offices (student administration office, grants and accommodation, counseling services, services for students with disabilities) and timetables and faculty office hours. In particular the tutors will provide students with support in the early stages of learning (pre-sessional lectures and make-up lectures for first year courses held in  first semester).