Profit examinations are held “in presence”, with priority given to written examinations, but certain specific categories of students may request that examinations (that are scheduled to be held in presence) be held at a distance. These categories are:

  • students with disabilities;
  • international and/or Erasmus students.

Students in one of the above situations can click on “Request to take the exam at a distance” which appears on the exam registration form. The link will take him/her to a form to be completed, in which the student declares:

  • that he/she is aware of the criminal and administrative liability in case of false declarations;
  • in which course of study he/she is enrolled, also entering the e-mail address of the president of the Bachelor (riccardo.giannetti@unipi.it);
  • the name of the teaching course, also entering the e-mail address of the holder of the teaching course;
  • the date scheduled for the exam;
  • in which of the following three situations do you find yourself: student with a disability; international and/or Erasmus student.

Students in one of these situations can still fill in the form by going to the web address (select English language in the box on the top), also after the closing date for exam registration –> http://su.unipi.it/DichiarazioneEsameRemoto

by authenticating with the university’s credentials. Filling in the form doesn’t replace the usual registration for the exam, which must still be made through the website http://esami.unipi.it before the deadline.

After filling in the form, the system automatically sent a declaration to the study course president, the holder of the course and to the student.

Since the form is filled in with university credentials, it is not necessary for the student sending any further documents or certificates.

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